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A number of Vicki’s vibrant paintings brilliantly adorn and embellish the interiors of my clients’ homes.  As an interior designer, I appreciate the fact that Vicki is able to collaborate with designers to incorporate our visions and color palettes. I would recommend her “on line gallery” as a helpful tool; with her talents as an artist, to create a beautiful statement for any residential or contract application.  She has an incredible eye! – Tami Kessler, Tamara Kessler & Associates, Inc. – www.tamarakessler.com

Unbelievable Price PointsIn my aspiration to share my paintings prodigiously and graciously, each piece is placed at a price point significantly below its full retail value.

“Vicki’s paintings resonate with and inspire me to be more of who I am; but isn’t that a hallmark of great art?” – Jan Jemison, Oakland, CA

“We simply love Vicki’s work.   Several of her beautiful paintings grace the walls of our home and create a unifying congruence in hue variances that add personality and depth to our living environment.  Since we have the larger sized paintings, the pieces are gallery wrapped, so we don’t have to frame them. We plan to purchase more of them.”  – Al & Faye Nelson, Troy, Michigan

All Paintings Are Originals & One-Of-A-Kind – Only one of each painting exists.  No prints or reproductions have been made or ever will be made by me or my company.

 “Vicki’s paintings are riveting, soulful and thought provoking.”– Fredrica Crowe, West Bloomfield, MI

 Personalized Certificate of Authenticity Accompanies Each Painting – For each painting purchased, we provide a certificate verifying the authenticity of the painting and we also personalize it with you or your client’s name as the original owner.

“When I first saw Vicki’s paintings, I was taken aback by their attractiveness and could not get them out of my mind.  Several of them appeared to have been painted ‘just for me’ and I was enveloped in their appeal.” – Deidre Hunter, Sugarland, Texas

Each Painting Can Be Hung In Multiple Directions –The placement of the signature does not dictate the direction in which you choose to hang the painting.  It’s okay for the signature to be on the top, on the side or upside down.  Hang it in any direction you desire.

 “I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Vicki’s paintings shortly after I moved into a new home. I found just the right paintings I needed to add personality to my living room and bedroom. The beauty of her abstract paintings is they can be turned and repositioned to change the feel of the room to fit my moods.” – Jacqueline Perkins, Nov, MI – JSC Consulting Services

 All Paintings Are Ready-For-Hanging – The paintings can be immediately hung upon receipt. 

Dual or Multiple Wirings Are Already On the Back of the Framed Paintings – This will accommodate your or your client’s option to choose more than one hanging direction.

“We have an eclectic collection in our living room and Vicki’s piece of art, entitled “New Endings”, added the artistic flair that we needed to pull it together.  It attracts the eye, sets a tone of warmth and welcoming, and draws you in.” – Penny & Ngere Wali, Okemos, Michigan

Larger Paintings Are Gallery -Wrapped – With the painting extended to the sides of the canvas, framing is not needed.

“I am very proud of my sister’s paintings.  I feel honored to have her work displayed in my home.” – Emmett Barker, Atlanta, Georgia

Open 24-Hours A Day, 7 Days a Week – Since this Art Gallery is online, it never closes and you can shop from the convenience of your home or office or anywhere you have access to the internet any time. 

Art On Demand” – I will work with you in collaboration to create a custom painting in the color pallet you desire.  To discuss the details, call me at 248-224-4808 or send an email to me at vicki.barker@sbcglobal.net .